ReaderPro - Speed reading

Speed reading is not secret knowledge at all, available only to the elect, it is a skill that is accessible to everyone and is achieved by regular and proper training. In our application collected the best exercises and techniques for this.

Why RederPro

Regularly practicing according to the programs that are contained in our application, you will increase the reading speed several times, and also significantly expand your vocabulary and rise to a new level of perception of reality thanks to the complex effect of these exercises on your cognitive abilities

Flexible reminder system

A flexible system of reminders will keep you training on a regular basis. You'll also be able to select an optimal training schedule thanks to it.

Unique exercises

The application includes exercises, such as Schulte tables, that have already proven to be effective and other unique specially created exercises.

Tracking training

The application will show you the results of the passage of each exercise and each training in the form of a schedule that most clearly demonstrates the effectiveness of your classes for all time.

Enjoy fiction reading not words, but images!

Improve your competitiveness in the business and academic field, easily mastering new knowledge!

Unleash your imagination by replacing TV with books!

All this is achievable with the "ReaderPro-speed reading" application.

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User reviews

Nice app. This app train yours brain. Nice experience with the app.
Pradeep Yadav
This is the best app for my mind I have ever seen.
sasan daneshmand
Very great and helpful to foster your reading comprehension skills ❤️
Veejay Dandasan
This is very useful app if wnt to improve ur speed reading & retention tecnique. If u hv read about wht is speed reading is all about then this apps is useful to u.
jango sam
Its great! I love it. It helps me to stay on track.Thank you the developer team! 💙
Abdullah Al Mahmud
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